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Ultrasound Liposuction/ Body Sculpt

£50 per treatment...

Cavitation (Ultrasound Liposuction) is one of the most requested treatments today, this new treatment has many independent reviews that are available all over the internet, proving testimony to how well this treatment works.

This treatment, through ultrasound creates the controlled generation of micro-vacuum bubbles which break down fat cells without affecting surrounding structures, respecting the integrity of the blood and lymphatic system.

Thus, we get two effects:

1.- Transformation of the broken down fat in a readily disposable liquid substance through the urinary tract and lymph – Totally safe fat removal, creating inch loss.

2.- Reaffirmation of the treated area due to activation of cell metabolism, which in turn increases the creation of new collagen fibres, elastin and hyaluronic acid. And all thanks to increased energy – Improving the appearance of treated areas helping to contour the desired area.

We are happy to state the fact that cavitation has no serious side effects or contra-indications, is totally safe and has no ‘down time’ for our clients. To achieve optimal cavitation outcome is necessary for clients to drink 2.5 litres of water a day throughout course of treatments.

Cavitation treatments

Cavitation is designed especially to eliminate cellulite and localized fat cells. Please note some of the minimal side effects that you may feel:

Local erythema (reddening of skin)

Temporary micro-spotting

Sensation of ringing in the ears during the session

Finally, there are some types of patients who are not able to have this treatment carried out with a signed doctors note.

Clients with heart disease or epilepsy, pregnant and menstruation period, people with pacemakers, also patients with hearing disorders, cancer, prosthetic metal zone.

If you also have liver problems and / or kidney (stones, transplants, etc) it is best to avoid cavitation.

The primary reason for a decrease in surgical liposuction is due to increased awareness of non surgical treatments, effectively ‘liposuction without surgery’ or non-surgical tummy tucks. Widely regarded as the most effective treatment is Cavitation. This technique involves the application of ultrasonic waves omitting a certain frequency to produce micro-bubbles. These micro-bubbles accumulate energy surrounding the fat cells, the end effect is that these micro-bubbles apply pressure to the fat cells, making them implode, causing the selective destruction of fat cells. The released fat is eliminated through the body by the lymphatic system, this can be greatly accelerated by the intake of fluids (water) to flush the system. The results are visible from the first session, over a course of treatments presenting results greater than just diet or exercise will allow.

Cavitation as a treatment when achieving the best results is used in combination with a moderated diet and regular light exercise, the results are truly spectacular. Clients looking to achieve specific results typically visit once a week, spending 30 mins to 1 hour having treatments on each visit, until they have achieved their goal.

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